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Back row: left to right: Sally Wormald Tanner; Dave Bonnett: Randy (Mack) Whitorek;Roger Epp; Irene Kelly Schafer;
Don Brinkman; Leslie Fleenor; Jim Brubaker; David (Speedy) Gonzales; Andy Schafer

Second Row Left: Bill Johnston; Moy Wing; Pat Lunney;David O'Connel; Lawrence Gonzales;

Left again Tom Koonz; Mike Smith; Corliss Westerbuhr Palmer; Judy Patterson Hamel; Vickie Jones Taylor;

Left: Bill Chandler; Neal Bloomenrader; Laura Lake; Susan Schaffer O'connell; Judy Vagner Wilcox; Lovee Wright Freehling;

Left: Hazel Plum Hedrick; Kay Jack Parrish; Lynn Stratton Zumbrennan; Jackie Medlock Scott; Linda Pixler

And in his rightful place, Terry Lehti

Lesley Fleenor Bartlett & Don Bartlett

David & Sheryl Bonnett

Don & Connie Brinkman

Jim & Tina Brubaker

Roy Byers

Bill & Marcia Chandler

Kay Tanner Gardner & Tom Gardner

Lawrence & Maria Gonzales

David "Speedy" gonzales

Bill Johnston

Tom & ? Koontz

Laura Lake

Terry Lehti & Judy Vagner Wilcox

Pat Lunney and Mary Rojas

David & Susan Schafer O'Connell

Corliss Westebuhr Palmer and David Glaser

Judy Patterson Hamel & Jerry Hamel

Judy Wood Paul & Steve Paul

Hazel Plum Hedrick

David Shadrick

Irene Kelly Shafer & Andy Shafer

Don & Colleen Stratton

Sally Wormald Tanner

Vickie Jones Taylor & Bob Taylor

Randy (Mack) and Susan Whitorek

Moy Wing and Sue from the post office

Lovee Wright Freeling

Jackie Medlock Scott

Mike Smith & Ann Jordan
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